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For our team of dentists and specialists, patient’s comfort is always a priority. That’s why, our dentists offer our clients a variety of fear reduction programs and a heavy dose of TLC before undergoing any dental treatments on teeth, gum and bone. Also, our dentists have focused intensively on the latest technological advancements and research in the field.

At the Australian Dental Practices Group, we welcome all your family & friends.

Our team is keen on providing simple cost effective solutions for complex dental problems.

It all begins when your baby's first tooth starts to come out. Do you need to brush? Yes definitely, as you can't floss it just yet.

Get all the answers and facts you need.

AusDPG provides comprehensive answers and facts to all of your questions.

We know there's nothing in the world that gives you more joy than seeing a warm smile spread across your family & friends' faces.
We want your family & friends to have everything in the world to smile about - unabashed, confident, and beautiful.
At Australian Dental Practices Group, we have the passion, dedication, commitment and knowledge to make that happen.

We have knowledgeable dentists who are always happy to cater to all age groups - adults, children, infants and teenagers.

Our dentists are well qualified and have the required knowledge to perform a range of dentistry services.


We Have More Than 30 Years of collective Experience

We use modern dental treatments to create a healthy and naturally beautiful dentition. Investing in the latest dental technology has meant that we can provide the most effective and advanced dental treatments in a pleasant and welcoming environment.

At AusDPG we are proud to invest in the latest dental technology which provides the most effective and advanced treatment methods in a pleasant and welcoming environment.


Feel free to contact AusDPG for all your general dentistry, orthodontics, cosmetic dentistry or emergency dentistry needs.

We are conveniently located within the Sydney city area and the Rockdale region.

Our dentists provide excellent level of dental care, whether you're coming in for a quick check up, or if you require a more complex procedure.

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